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A 3 Day Retreat FOR AMBITIOUS WOMEN ON A MISSION to learn skills and
tools for optimal living, Loving, and inspiring the world just by being HERSELF

WHERE: THE GORGEOUS SORELLA HOTEL ON THE PLAZA IN KANSAS CITY, MO http://www.hotelsorella-countryclubplaza.com


of a life that was easy, fun, and profitable without having to give up what’s most important…YOU and the time to be, do, and have the lifestyle you most desire?

Dear Powerful Woman Ready to Be Unleashed,

Women have been programed with lies that tell us we are supposed to sacrifice personal and financial freedom in order to be “good” women. The “American dream” lifestyle has been engrained in our minds—go to college, get a great job, marry the man, get the white picket fence, have happy, healthy babies…then, it gets a little torn with two seemingly opposing options of building your career to show contribution and independence or staying at home with the kids and be the good “homemaker”.

Maybe you’ve chosen your path by some default belief around time, money, and what you’ve been taught makes a “good woman”, and not true desired choice and in turn you’ve given your power away.

No matter what you’ve chosen, there comes a point where you’re standing in the place you are and realize this is not where you want to be or “it” to be like.

You know there’s something more, but you feel guilty for even desiring something else. Things become confusing, the once strong relationship with your hubs becomes challenging, the big D is thrown out on the table and you begin to secretly wonder “What the hell is wrong with me? Why can’t I just be happy and satisfied?”

Thoughts of, “Is it him, is it me, is it my career or lack of purpose?” and you begin to feel broken down, drained, overwhelmed and unclear about who you even are and why you’re here in the first place. But, way down deep in your heart of hearts tangled in a mess of knots is your true genius—the thing you’re most afraid of but you know is calling you into. You try to avoid it, ignore it, or push it under the rug.

Next comes the wake-up call that’s even stronger than the Big D warning. Those who listen to what changes they’re being gently lead to, and make quick enough committed actions to step into their greater self skirt the wake-up call. Those who avoid the voice calling, sweep it under the rug, or turn their back on it totally get plenty of fair warnings until one day comes a call to wake the F up and start living your life in your greatest potential!

This isn’t a punishment it’s just the law of life, you either grow or you die. It’s really that simple.

You’re an intelligent women who probably has many titles and accomplishments
behind your name, but somewhere along the way you feel like you got lost.

After coaching both men and women over the past several years I have learned that everything comes down to one thing, WOMEN owning their personal power. It doesn’t matter if you have relationship issues, money issues or health issues. Anything not optimal in these 3 areas is a power problem that comes down to an internal conflict of interest and nothing else and when women do not rise into the power they’ve been born to unleash everyone suffers.

I believe, and have personally witnessed, miracles happen when women stand in their truth and power. When women come together for this common purpose they truly create the capacity to move mountains.

I also know that when women stand in this super sexy energy men rise up too creating the most powerful energy of all that literally moves mountains lightyears away! I know because I’m living proof.



I decided to bring Powerful Women into one intimate room with this retreat experience to send chills of life in ripple effect out into the world.

It is through your own greatness and what I term, Love Genius that we will raise the vibration of the planet, but I have to admit in true authenticity that it also scares the hell out of me. I know however, that life is way too short to let my biggest fears get in the way of my biggest dreams and I’m unwilling to wait for the wake-up call again.


It came on 11-11-08 when my husband was accidentally killed. I was pregnant with two other young children and suddenly had the weight of the world on my shoulders and more decisions to make than any one woman could handle by herself. Prior to his death, I wasn’t so great at asking for help and in my mind I could do it all myself anyway so why ask.

Post death, I learned it takes a village to raise children and I needed to be very careful who I surrounded myself with.

My husband and I had our “shit together” so to speak with life insurance, zero debt, wise investments, and I was at least aware of all our accounts and passwords. But, with all the decisions during the post death time when I couldn’t even make toast on my own, it didn’t matter how much money I had stacked away. I was lost inside. I had to learn how to walk on my own again with three children in tow and although I was a highly independent and fairly confident women money was something I didn’t want to look at.

I did have the wisdom to claim that I wasn’t going to lower our standard of living or my happiness without him here and I stayed committed to those terms.

Money wasn’t a worry for the first 6 years after he died. I left a comfortable, mission based career with a Master’s degree in Diversity Education because I had simply outgrew the brick box I found myself in.

I remember the experience of standing in front of this bridge in my mind that I knew I needed to cross but it was so dark and foggy to see the light on the other side. I was scared as hell, but I knew…I knew, that if I didn’t cross bridge in front of me that I would lose this game of life. I would never know what waited for me and for others whose lives I get to influence.

I’ve crossed countless bridges like those over the past 7+ years. It gets less scary knowing I will survive the transition, but the more bridges I cross the higher the stakes and the more inner and outer tweaks I need to make.

You see there comes a time in your life when you’ve survived, you’ve seen stability and comfort which became stagnant at some point, and now it’s time to step up and into being the influencer you were born to be. This is where you get to create the ultimate lifestyle and where life isn’t about you anymore. It’s about making a contribution, because you’ve grown your wings to fly others.

One of the most profound ways to gain your wings—your power in a way that blows
the lid off of your life, is by examining the relationship you have with money.


You may know how to make money when someone else gives you a paycheck, but if you could go through life without looking at it you would, and maybe that’s exactly what you’re doing—avoiding it, handing it off to someone else (even if it is your hubs), sweeping it under the table, and ignoring those unopened financial documents stashed away in the drawer.

If you’re a mom like me, or hope to be some day, you know that screwing up your kids is our number one fear.

Before I had kids, I had an amazing relationship with money. I literally played with it every day dreaming, writing down plans, working out ways to create more, and never fearing it wouldn’t be there. I had zero debt, knew how to manage money, and made sure that my husband did the same prior to moving in together.

After kids, something happened to my brain and I no longer had the capacity to look at money, so I handed my financial power to my husband.


to regain my power around money, after all the underlying cause of having the stacks of money from his death. The front of my mind was in complete gratitude for the money and in the back of my mind I felt so guilty and even ashamed of it. As you can imagine it has brought me much internal conflict and confusion that has nearly caused me to be broke, or least feel like I was anyway.

What the money did was cause me to be lazy, to lean back on “Big Daddy” so to speak, and play small at times when I was being called to step up and play bigger. It’s a terrible internal conflict that kills, literally making me sick. Yep, I created an auto-immune disease that I’m now taking personal responsibility for and kicking it’s ass into remission.

Today, I’m looking at money with sexy, loving energy knowing the more money I make the greater my contribution and the greater the opportunity for the ripple effect.

I sit here today, knowing WAY more about money, investing with money to create more money, making money by offering my good work—the good work I’m being asked from spirit to create, and having more intimate conversations with women around money than I ever thought possible.

I’ve been able to play with money in ways I didn’t even dream existed and it’s time to let others in on some of the insider secrets to creating true riches and raising your self-worth to increase your net-worth.

Does being a powerful lucrative, independent, and heart-based influential woman excite you?

Are you in a business where you are selling your own inner genius in service or product to increase the life of others, or do you desire to be?

Guess what?

If you’re answer is yes, you’ve found your next step.

You can use your previous skills, experiences, and gifts to create a life you desire and raise the roof on the planet! But, first you have to realize how to play the game of life and your money love story is the first place we have to look to Unleash the true mojo the world is craving from you.

You’re being called to change, to grow,
to expand, to do something greater…


  • Outgrowing the business you’re in or the business plan you’ve been working off of and it’s time for a leap.
  • Starting a different business or expanding and scaling the one you’re in.
  • Letting go of a financial history wrapped and warped in a
    lost love or shameful love story that needs to once and for
    all be eliminated from your psyche.
  • Maybe you have always wanted to take bigger risks with
    your money and invest it in a way that makes life more
    fun, interesting and allows you to create passive or residual ways to leverage your time.
  • Or, maybe your story is something like mine and you were knocked into sudden wealth or sudden loss of income and
    the trauma of it all has caused great conflict in your mind
    that keeps you paralyzed in indecision.


Have an avoidant behavior around money only really looking at it and talking about when you have to, yet love to spend it?

Ignore your accounts, have little clue where your money is invested, who you owe, how much you owe, when it’s due, and what the interest is?

Do you look feel overwhelmed when you have to talk money as if it’s a burden or a task similar to scrubbing a caked on crockpot?

Do you feel powerless, ignorant, unsexy, and lack confidence around financials?

Do you pass the burden of financials onto the man in your life or on the flip side use money as way to control your life (and him)?

Does talking about money with your spouse bring tension that’s less than sexy?

Do you ever feel shame or guilt around money, your spending, the amount you owe, the amount of mistakes you make just because you feel ignorant or avoidant around it?

If you answered yes to any of the above, your relationship with money is less than sexy and you’re not only giving away your power you’re teaching your daughters to give away their power and your sons to choose powerless women.


There is a simple way for you to improve your relationship with money that is super sexy and a lot of fun?


What if I told you though that you have to look at your ugly parts in the mirror first? Would you be bold enough to draw the line in the sand start truly making a difference in this life?


I invite you to join me LIVE at Unleash Your Money Mojo.

There is truly nothing sexier than a woman who knows how to play with money. Engaging with money regularly helps bolster your self-esteem, deepen your sense of safety, and strengthen your intimate relationships.


bulletThe 3-Stages of Money Maturity, recognize which stage you’re in and begin developing the mindset toward the ultimate lifestyle

bulletWhat your money history has to do with your current money behaviors

bulletHow money, love, and health are all related

bulletWhy depending on a man to provide the financial mind is one of the most demeaning and damaging things you can do to yourself and all of humanity

bulletHow to write a new, much sexier money story and begin writing it within the 3 days

bulletWhy you’re being called to lead bigger and bolder, why the time is now to step into it, and why the skills, tools, and knowledge that got you to where you are won’t work to get you to that next evolution

bulletWhy our girls REQUIRE moms who are both financially independent and powerful, loving partners


Daily transformation and mindset shifts

An intimate group of other powerful women bringing life, love, and fun into the world

A kid free, spouse free 3-day weekend to clear your mind, calm your heart, and expand your power, which they’ll benefit from later

A renewed sense of power, security, and confidence

A profit motive to experience your greatness and bring a deeper purpose to your world

I believe that when women come together with a common purpose of raising the vibration of money by building solid loving relationships with it we will without a doubt change the frequency of the planet.

This is an exclusive event for powerful women, for women wanting to make an impact, and who don’t want to make money their excuse why they didn’t make it happen on their death bed.






WHERE: THE GORGEOUS SORELLA HOTEL ON THE PLAZA IN KANSAS CITY, MO http://www.hotelsorella-countryclubplaza.com


You’ll get a high level overview of the three modes of hustle (inner, outer, and higher) and we’ll drill down on the inner hustle it takes to expand your life. This is the triune effect for creating last change, sacred success, and personal greatness.

We’ll cover your Big Picture goals, dreams, and plans and go deep-soul-diving into the vision of where you want to go in your life next. We’ll uncover where you think you are compared to where you truly are in money maturity to discover the inner conflicts that will stop you from accomplishing your own sacred success.

We’ll untangle the inner hustle necessary for creating an honest, mature relationship with money. Here, we dissolve shame. You’ll get clear on your “money story” and unwind patterns that no longer serve you and others you influence. You will claim your value and self-worth to increase your net-worth.

We’ll set up inner and outer systems, processes, and habits to live your ultimate lifestyle, engage intimately with your numbers, and most importantly we’ll do it all in ways that are personally meaningful, sexy, and aligned with your deepest values. You’ll learn emotional and body-based practices to support your journey, and apply massive doses of self-care, compassion, and love.


Can I join you virtually?
There is nothing like a live experience to help you grow. Therefore, UNLEASH YOUR MONEY MOJO will not be broadcast online. I know it can be challenging to arrange to travel and attend a live event. I also know there is NO BETTER way to make lasting change than to get out of your environment and into a room filled with endless positive energy and like-minded soul-sisters.

$1000 is a lot of money. I’m not used to investing in myself like this.
I get it completely. No powerful, successful women ever got there without a significant investment of time and money in their own growth. I have personally invested multiple six figures in myself and my business to get to where I am, and you get access to all that I have become in this training. I am your first example of your own value.

What if I don’t feel ready to look at my money story?
GREAT! No one wakes up and says, “Yay! I get to look at my money shames today!” And that’s the best part about jumping in. This program is designed for you to walk away without the baggage of shame on your shoulders so if you never make it there, you’ll still be walking with it.

What if I need to miss a day?
One of the things that is so interesting about the decision you are making to attend is that there is almost always something that will require you to make hard choices to prioritize this decision. I’d start by taking a look at what is in the way in your schedule and asking yourself why this might be the exact perfect thing for you to need to move to facilitate your breakthrough as a powerful woman leader! That said, as you can guess, we don’t recommend you missing a bit of this experience. We have carefully crafted an experience that builds as the retreat progresses and we want you to get the most from your investment.

Do I have to stay at the hotel?
We have negotiated a discounted room rate for our attendees that ends on October 12th. If you live in Kansas City it will be tempting to go home in the evenings, but you will miss out on the complete transformational experience surrounding yourself in the luxurious Hotel Sorella on The Plaza with some of your longest running besties that attend with you and some of your newest lifelong sisters you meet there.


Day 1: Uncover your Intuitive Power
8:30 am Registration
9:00 am Program Begins
6:00 pm Program ends for the night. Dinner on your own at one of the many amazing restaurants on The Plaza.

Day 2: Discover Massive Clarity
9:00 am Program Begins
5:30 pm Dinner break on your own.
7:30 pm FUN evening session

Day 3: Recover Money Love and Stand in Your Genius
9:00 am Program Begins
3:00 pm Program ends

*Breakfast and Lunch Included Each Day

Due to the exclusiveness of the retreat seating is limited. If this work resonates with you, don’t hesitate to grab your spot today.

Questions? We’re here for you!
Just email us. Jodie@schooloflovegenius.com